Our 7 Days To Die Server

Our 7 Days to Die Server

Server Name: CTVI Zombies
Location: Europe
Language: English

Server IP:
Port: 26900

Server Game Version: 21.2
PVE/PVP: PVE with Dedicated PVP Zone
Mods Required: No Client Mods/Downloads Required

7 Days to Die Logo

Main Server Features

We're proud of hosting one of the best EU PVE 7 Days to Die servers, backed by our active, friendly community!

With our custom, largely populated, city-based map, along with custom server enhancements, you can be sure to have the best 7 days to die experience when playing with us. We are always looking at new ways to improve our server, so are always open to hear ideas from you about any new features. Expandable up to a massive 100 slots, dynamically changed depending on the current amount of players and concurrent connection trends, allowing us to save on hardware resources in real-time.

We have built in many custom features to the map and server, along with general features and enhancements, all of which are listed below.

  • Highest POI-Populated City Based 7 Days to Die Map
  • Enhanced Random Gen Map Created By Our In-House Team
  • Over 34,000 POI's Across Multiple Mega Cities and Biomes
  • Includes a Mix of Vanilla POI's & Hand-Placed Custom POI's, Roads, and Terrain
  • All General Game Settings Are Set To Default / Standard Play
  • PvP Zone: A Special Corner of the Map Exclusive For PvP Play (everywhere else on the map is strictly PvE)
  • Automatic Chunk Reset Every 168 In-Game Days
    - Resets Uninhabited Chunks/Parts of the Map To Respawn Cars & Damaged POI's
    - Excludes Any Area Where An Active Player Claim Block Exists
  • In-Game Chat Bot with Reminders for Upcoming Bloodmoon's
  • Handy Information Panel - Accessible By Pressing 'Esc' Whilst Playing
  • Handy Advanced Player Stats & Kill Counters
  • Hosted on a State-Of-The-Art & Professional Server Host
    - With Server Side Improvements For Excelled Server Performance
    - With Server Side Improvements For Improved Security

Our Server Enhancements & Mods

Our server benefits from many custom and unique in-house made mods in order to expand gameplay with fun new additions .These all run server-side so that there are no mod downloads required to play.

  • Maximum Player Level Cap Raised To 1000
  • Long-Distance Trading System Between Players (See How To Use)
  • Virtual In-Game Currency System (CTVI Coins)
    - Earn 1 Coin Every 5 Minutes Playtime
    - Earn 1 Coin Per Zombie Kill
  • Virtual In-Game Shop with CTVI Coins
    - Ability to Buy Essential Items from Earned CTVI Coins
  • Three-Slot (Instead of Two Slots) Input Forge for Faster Smelting
  • Increased Output Slots For The Workbench
  • Increased Crafting Queue Slots
  • Increased Backpack Slots
  • Pre-Defined Teleports For QOL (Quality of Life)
  • Gimme Command To Receive a Random Item
    - Use Command /gimme Whilst In-Game
  • Unique In-Game Events Triggers
  • Time Is Always Running - Regardless If A Player Is Online Or Not, Time Continues Ticking
  • Enhanced Mining & Forging - New Mineable Raw Materials And Craftable Forged Bars To Make; Lead, Brass, Platinum, Emeralds, Ruby, Diamond Bars etc
  • Enhanced Upgrades For For Vehicles, Dew Collectors, Base Defenses, Power Generators & Much More!
    - Utilising The New Items & Materials From Our Enhanced Mining & Forging Mod
  • Enhanced Beer Crafting - With New Flavours & Recipes
  • Enhanced Food & Drink Crafting - With New Items To Cook, Eat & Drink
  • Enhanced Farm Plots - More Costly To Make But Produce Much More Produce, Meaning You Need Fewer Plots Taking Up Space Around Your Base
  • Enhanced Gyrocopter - Available With Up To Three Seats To Fly With Friends
  • Searchable Wine Barrels

Extra Features For Patreon Donors -

Extra features are Patreon subscription tier-dependant.

  • Access To A Donor-Only Settlement (Safe Zone)
  • Access To Custom Player Teleport(s)
  • Access To Google Maps Style Interactive Map Of The Server
  • Access To Donor-Only Commands & Event Triggers
  • Access To Prestige-Quality Tools, Weapons & Armor
  • Access To Enhanced Craftable Versions Of Items
    - Such As Vehicle Upgrades, Bigger Drum Mags & Bigger Fuel Tanks
  • Multiplier for Earning CTVI Coins
  • Advanced Claim Management Feature (See How To Use)
    - An Advanced Land Claim Feature Separate To Land Claims
  • In-game and Discord Donor Chat Name Colour
  • Character Level Insurance
    - Insures Your Character's Level Progress In A Data Loss Event
  • Bag Insurance
    - Insures Your Character's Bag Contents In A Data Loss Event

Server Settings

Time Settings
Day Length: 60 Minutes (1 Hour) Realtime
Timer per In-Game Hour: 2.5 Minutes Realtime

Night Time: 22:00 - 04:00
Night Time Length: 15 Minutes Realtime

Block Settings
Block Damage by Player: 100%
Block Damage by AI: 100%
Block Damage During BloodMoon: 100%

Loot Settings
Loot Abundance: 100%
Loot Respawn: 7 In-Game Days
Airdrop Frequency: 3 In-Game Days
Drop On Death: Toolbelt & Backpack

Chunk Reset Settings
Chunk Reset Time: 168 In-Game Days

Land Claim Settings
Land Claims Allowed: 1 Per Player
Land Claim Size: 41 Blocks
Land Claim Dead Zone: 30 Blocks
Land Claim Expiry: 336 In-Game Days (2 Real World Weeks)
Land Claim Damage Reduction Multiplier: Infinite
Land Claim Decay Mode: None

Zombie Settings
Game Difficulty: 3
Enemy Difficulty: Normal
Zombie Feral Sense: Off
Standard Zombie Movement During Day: Walk
Standard Zombie Movement During Night: Run
Zombie Feral Movement: Always Run
Zombie Movement During Bloodmoon: All Run
Max Enemy Spawns: 64
Max Animal Spawns: 200

Blood Moon Settings
Blood Moon Frequency: Every 7 Days (in-game)
Blood Moon Enemy Count: 8

XP Settings
XP Multiplier: 100%

Trader Settings
Open Time (in-game): 06:05am - 9:50pm
Note: Some non-vanilla traders may have longer opening times.

Farming / Trees
Crop Growth (Full Cycle): 2 In-Game Days / 2 Hours Realtime
Tree Growth for (Full Cycle): 2 In-Game Day / 2 Hours Realtime

How To Use: Long Distance Trading System

Any player on our server can make use of the Long Distance Trading System, which lets you trade with any online player no matter how far away you are from each other on the map. That's right, you don't need to be next to each other!

Our trading system uses a special craftable trading chest by which you put the items to be traded inside, and once confirmed, they are sent to/exchanged with the items in the other person's chest.

Step One: Make A Trading Chest

  1. Place a standard Secure Wooden Chest on the ground or where you'd like your trading chest to be.
  2. Keep the chest empty for now, stand on top of the chest and type into the main game chat the command /rtc
    /rtc means Register Trading Chest and this marks the chest as the chest you wish to use as your designated trading chest.
  3. You will see the Chest upgrade to a 4x2 chest. This is now activated as your trading chest.

Note: You can only have one trading chest at a time. If you wish to replace or move your trading chest, simply place a new Secure Wooden Chest, stand on top and use the command again. The new chest will become the active trading chest and the old one will no longer work and can be destroyed.

Step Two: Initiating A Trade

  1. Ensure that both players have an active trading chest ready.
  2. Place the items that you wish to trade inside your active trade chest. Or leave it empty if you are receiving items only.
  3. Use the command /rti <playername> with the player name being the name of the player you wish to trade with.
    /rti = register trading items. Example: /rti smokingtyres
  4. This will mark the chest “Locked” and the items will be secured and ready to trade.
  5. Once both sides have registered their trading items, you can use the command /lti to double-check what items the other person is giving you, to ensure they are as agreed.
  6. You then both need to agree to complete the trade by using the command:
    /ati <playername> (ati = agree trading items).
    The items will now swap between trading chests and if you open your chest you will receive the items you traded for.

Note: You can cancel the trade at any time using command /cti (/cti = cancel trading items).
Once the trading chest is locked you can see what you traded with by using the command /lti (/lti = list trading items).

Weapon / Tool Mods
If you have weapon or tool mods on an item, these will also be included within the trade, and won't be lost.

How To: Advanced Claim Management (Donor Perk)

The Advanced Claim Management feature is in addition to the usual in-game Land Claims and works as an extra measure of security. It allows you to secure an area within your base and is offered as a perk for Donors.

It works by selecting a designated area of your base, so then if someone is not on your personal whitelist, they will be teleported away (similar to when traders are closed). This is to protect a section of your base in the PvE area and to prevent raiding or griefing.

Your advanced claim must initially be set up by an admin. Once your Donor status has been applied, please see the #donor-details channel on our Discord for details on an Admin activating this feature for you.

Once you have your Advanced Claim area setup, you can personally manage who has access to your Advanced Claim area by means of a whitelist. If a player is not on your whitelist, then they are not allowed in. This is useful if you play with a group of players and share a base.

Note: If you grant someone permission and they steal or grief, then the moderators cannot help. Only grant access to someone you trust.

Advanced Claim Sizes

The size of your Advanced Claim Area is dependent upon your donor tier. It is not designed to cover the same area as your normal Land Claim (61x61 blocks) fully, so you will need to choose your most precious area to protect, such as your main building, Bloodmoon base, or simply just your storage room.

Your Advanced Claim will cover a certain area depending on your Donor tier, which is as follows:

  • Donor Tier Mini: 20x20 Block Advanced Claim Size Coverage
  • Donor Tier 1: 30x30 Block Advanced Claim Size Coverage
  • Donor Tier 2: 40x40 Block Advanced Claim Size Coverage
  • Donor Tier 3: 50x50 Block Advanced Claim Size Coverage
  • Donor Tier 4: 60x60 Block Advanced Claim Size Coverage
  • Donor Tier 5: 80x80 Block Advanced Claim Size Coverage
  • Donor Tier 6: 100x100 Block Advanced Claim Size Coverage

Managing Your Advanced Claim Area Whitelist

You can add a player to your personal whitelist by using the command /acf playername
Example: /acf smokingtyres

  • To remove a player use the command /rcf playername
  • To show a list of all players with access to your area, use the command /lcf
  • To add all your in-game friends, use the command /aaf
  • To remove all your in-game friend, use the command /raf