Our 7 Days To Die Server Rules

Our 7 Days To Die Server Rules

Last Updated: 7th August 2023

We want our 7 Days to Die server to be as fun as it is big, but use your brains, don't let them get eaten by zombies!

CTVI Zombies server rules are in place to protect you and other members of our 7 Days To Die community. We have a pretty mature, experienced, and supportive gaming community, with a laid back approach. However, this is the online gaming world.

We try to keep the rules to a minimum to preserve the game’s lawless style sandbox open-world element. However, being an Alpha game, many things can be detrimental to the server and its performance. Therefore, we like to balance the game with tweaks and refine it, giving everyone a great experience.

We hope you read and understand the rules thoroughly and do note ignorance isn’t an excuse. But we also believe in second chances. So, if you break the rules and are caught, it’s best to own up to it and resolve the issues with the admin. The type of punishment and severity of the sentence is up to the admin involved.


General Server Rules

  • You may land claim and take over any POI within the world map as a base that is not already habited by another player, that is not covered by another persons land claim, and/or that isn't a trader location.
    - If a POI looks inhabited and in use by another player, but is not land claimed, it should not be claimed by you unless you have asked the original owner if they have finished using it, as they may still be in the middle of making and/or relocating to a new base somewhere else.
    - We ask player's to be mindful and courteous about land claiming major POI's (eg skyscrapers). Although, you are still allowed to do so and it is not against the rules, as we want every player to be able to play how they want to play for optimal enjoyment.
  • No damaging or stealing from other people’s bases.
  • No damaging or stealing other people’s vehicles.
  • No killing other players inside the PvE area, including from setting traps or mines that you know will intentionally kill another player.
  • Horde bases that manipulate zombie pathing are allowed, where they don't conflict with any other rule.
  • No stealing items from other player's death bag. If you randomly come across a player’s bag on the map, please leave it alone.
  • No duping glitches. If you believe to have found a possible dupers base, notify an admin.
  • No x-raying, or abusing view glitches to see where you wouldn't normally be able to.
  • No use of 3rd party tools or scripts.
  • No use of mods other than those released and approved by CTVI.
    - Your 7 Days to Die Mods folder should be empty when playing on our server, unless you are using an approved CTVI mod such as the mod for donor-only prestige items. Any other Mods should not be used, and be temporarily removed from your game folder(s), otherwise it may interfere with EAC and our server-sided enhancements.
  • No impersonating as an admin or moderator.
  • Do not intentionally destroy POI loot boxes.
  • No base building primarily in water. Building a gangway, bridge or dock next to your main base is acceptable.
  • No building of floating (in the air) bases without having regular, structural supports.
  • No drop mining.
  • No building within 100 blocks of any trader.
  • No excessive use of explosives in the PvE area (it causes lag for everyone).
  • No excessive, intentional destruction of POI's.
  • Bases can only be built using standard construction blocks.
    - Making walls out of land claims, bike frames etc is not allowed, although using hatches on bridges to block zombie pathing is allowed.
  • If you don't plan on staying online for the next Bloodmoon, and you are the only player currently online, do not log out right before 10:00PM. It is bad form to leave the clock a few seconds or minutes before a Bloodmoon starts, as then the next player to join the server will be caught out. Please log off a little earlier before a Bloodmoon is about to start to give the next person enough time to prepare.


In order to help keep server performance optimal, FPS high, ping high, and loading times as fast and smooth as possible, we have the below limitations and maximums in place, which we hope all players will follow in order to create a better experience for everyone.

  • Farm Plots: Maximum of 15 Per Player
  • Campfire: Maximum of 1 Per Player
  • Workbench: Maximum of 1 Per Player
  • Chemistry Station: Maximum of 1 Per Player
  • Cement Mixer: Maximum of 1 Per Player
  • Forge: Maximum of 1 Per Player
  • Gas Generators: Maximum of 1 Per Player

💡Patreon donors are allowed increased maximums to limitations, so becoming a donor is a great way to both help keep the community and server going, as well as expanding your in-game amenities. See the full list of perks and benefits for donors here.

Automatic Chunk (Map) Reset Warning

The world map is set to automatically reset chunks (sections of the map) to a fresh state every 30 in-game days.
This ensures that any destruction to POI's from questing, damage from zombies, and holes dug into the ground from buried supply quests and abandoned mines etc are only temporarily and will get automatically repaired.

Any area that is land claimed and has a bedroll will be exempt from the automatic chunk reset, so player bases are completely safe.

However, this means that any mines created by players outside of their land claim area may be subject to getting reset. So it is advised to not make a mine outside of your land claim under the pretense that it is permanent. If you wish to have a permanent mine setup, simply make your mine within your land claimed area.

PVP-Specific Rules

Our 7 Days To Die PvP zone is designed for players that like PvP but don’t want to be online 24/7 defending their base.

The PVP zone is in the centre of our world map (see map here). When you get close to the area, you will be notified in-game so that you know that you are entering the PVP-only area. This is the only area on the map where PVP actions are allowed.

Below are some specific rules for the PvP zone and are in addition to the general rules listed above. Please read them very carefully.

  • Despawning a player's bag is permitted after combat regardless of location.
  • No bed spawn killing & camping beds. However, if you spawn on your bed when you know the enemy is right there and they keep killing you, then that’s on you.
  • Excessively and constantly calling out cheater/hacker in public chat may result in you being muted. Players must contact staff directly if they suspect cheating.
  • No base camping, (Their base is defined by their land claimed area, not just the structure on it) You can kill someone at their base and take their bag, but then you must move on. You can not come back to that player’s base for another 24 real-life hours to prevent griefing. If you are still at a players base when they re-spawn and they attempt to kill you, DO NOT re-engage with them, you need to leave the area. As the attacking player the onus is on YOU to leave their base after the first kill.


Additional PVP Guidelines

  • Traders are NOT safe zones
  • Don’t friend anyone you don’t know or trust.
  • Don’t get upset if someone kills you on sight. Instead, seek revenge.

Chat-Specific Rules (In-Game & Discord)

Below is a list of rules to help keep communication between players clean and as non-toxic as possible. However, we understand a bit of debate or banter is part of the game. But continuously being disruptive or going out of your way to cause an argument will result in a ban. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a member of staff in Discord. And whilst we are on the topic of members of staff please use the Chain of Command.

Our moderators are very active in Discord and most questions can be answered by members of the community. If however, you think, your query needs a member of staff then please DM or contact a moderator. Do not ping or DM an admin or owner without prior contacting a moderator first.

  • No offensive or provoking Discord or game names.
  • No racist or sexist remarks.
  • Use chain of command.
  • No being rude or insulting to admin or moderators.
  • No Advertising other servers or discord channels.
  • No Misogynistic comments, e.g., Calling female players “Bitches”
  • If trash talking goes beyond friendly banter, players involved will be muted or banned.
  • If someone is suspected of cheating, contact an admin or moderator.
  • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos.
  • Do not talk on subjects of sensitive matters, like politics, religion or current events. If you wish to talk and debate healthily, then do so in private chat. If you are trying to cause disruption or spark a reaction from a person or persons you know will be offended, you will be muted or banned.

You will get trolls, griefers, hackers and all kinds of unfriendly people. These people have nothing better to do than to enjoy the hardship and pain of others. So please be vigilant and don’t assume the admin will spend every waking moment of their lives thoroughly investigating every claim and cry of foul play.

Remember, the Admins and Moderators are volunteers, verbally abusing/trolling an admin or moderator is not tolerated in any way.