Welcome to CTVI Zombies! An online gaming server community, specialising in survival, zombie, and crafting games on PC. We play and host game servers for popular games such as 7 Days to Die, Minecraft, DayZ, Ark, Rust and more! Our custom game servers offer something for everyone, from our hand-built map and custom mods on our 7 Days to Die server, to our chilled and relaxing Minecraft server.

Our Community Features

Chilled & Active Admin

Along with our helpful AI bots that offer automated advanced in-game features, you'll find our admin and mods active in-game and in Discord, with a handy support ticket feature for when you need it.

Here To Stay

Have you ever joined a game server, invested hours/days into it only for the server to disappear the next day? Rest assured, CTVI zombies will never disappear on you. We're here to stay, pinky promise!

Active Community

We have many players within our community with varying gaming experiences, many willing to make friends and join up in-game for coop fun. Our experienced players are always helping out others.

Community Lead

We care about our community and the players within it, that's why we run polls and gain our player's thoughts and ideas for future updates, expansions and choice of game servers, ensuring that we offer something to suit everyone who plays with us.

Our Server Features

Powerful Servers

We use a mix of commercial and in-house servers to run our gaming community. This includes our in-house, super beefy 40-Core, 768GB RAM server, giving us the capability to have 100's of player slots across many games, with increased customisation options available when compared to commercially hosted options.

Minimal Downloads Required

Where possible and game dependent, we try to limit players having to download and install a batch of confusing mods just to be able to play with us. Our 7 Days to Die server is designed to work server-side, meaning that player's don't need to manually download mods to join. Simply connect, load in and play!

Premium Play For Free

Our game servers offer premium, highly-customised, lag-free gameplay. However, it's 100% free to join and play with us, with no application process required to join, and no annoying whitelists to get approved onto!

Protected Play

We work hard to ensure that our servers are protected from bad characters, DDOS attacks, glitching, duping and nuisance behaviour through the use of AI-powered monitoring, inventory tracking, reporting and IP blocking.