Our 7 Days To Die World Map

Our 7 Days To Die World Map

The world map for the CTVI Zombies 7 Days to Die gaming server.
We are currently using our new V5 world map, which is for 7 Days to Die Alpha 21.0 - see what our V5 map includes below.

Version 5 (Current)

POI Count: 34,000+

Our brand new map for our winter 7 Days to Die update here at CTVI Zombies. Version 5 is bigger, better, more jam-packed and more detailed than anything we've ever had on our 7 Days to Die game servers!

What's Available In The Version 5 Map:

  • MAMMOTH Increase From 15,000 POI's In Our V4 Map To Over 34,000 POI's In Our V5 Map
  • Custom-Built Areas, Roads, and Fun Locations To Explore
  • Hundreds of Hand-Placed Vanilla & Community-Created POI's

This is just a sample of updates for our version 5 map. For the full extensive list of features, head over to our 7 days to die server page here.

Designated PVP Zone

The majority of our map is PvE, where player killing is not allowed.
However, we do have a designated PVP zone that spans two large cities and a town, in the central area of the map.

Don't worry about accidentally wandering into the PvP zone though, as an in-game warning will advise you when you are getting close to it, and then again when you are actually inside of the boundaries.

For those who would like to participate in any PvP action, simply venture into the designated area, and have fun!

You can see the designated PvP area on the map to the right, located at the city shaded in cyan blue.

World Map History

Archived history of our previous world maps, showing the scale of improvement and size increase from one version to the next.

Version 4 (Retired)

POI Count: 15,000+

Our 100% fresh (with 101% fun) new map for the Alpha 21 stable update, that's rich with POI's to explore and plenty of custom-added prefabs for maximum adventure, exploration, and zombie-killing mayhem!

Our Version 4 Alpha 21 map brings the best vanilla assets that A21 has to offer, along with a few upgrades and extras to give our community the best playing experience possible.

What's Available In Version 4:

  • Even Bigger POI Increase! From 9,000 POI's in V3, to a Massive 15,000 POI's in V4 Across a 10K Map
  • Enhanced Graphics and Realism, Along With New Items and Décor Thanks To A21's Extensive Updates
  • Mix of Vanilla and Non-Vanilla POI's Sourced From The 7 Days To Die Prefabber Community
  • Separate PVP Zone - A Secluded PVP City Area Out The Way of the Main PVE Zone For Authorised PVP
  • Advanced Claim Blocks Feature
  • Server Side Improvements For Excelled Server Performance
  • Server Side Improvements For Improved Security
  • CTVI-Coins System - In-Game Virtual Coin System with Virtual Shop
  • Commands System - Unique Commands with Quality of Life Additions

This is just a sample of some of our server features! For the full extensive list, head over to our 7 days to die server page here.

Version 3 (Retired)

POI Count: 9,000+

Our new and improved, final version for Alpha 20 is our version 3 world map, which is the most POI-rich and detailed version that we have made to date!

Along with bringing in server-side mods and much more server-side scripts to give our community the best playing experience possible.

What's Available In Version 3:

  • Huge POI Increase! From 4,300 POIs in V2, to a Massive 9,000 POIs in V3
  • Improved Density & Decoration in the Forest Biome Expanse
  • Expanded Desert, Snow and Wasteland Areas
  • New Non-Vanilla POI's Added - Sourced From CTVI Zombies Community and Prefabbers within the 7 Days to Die Community
  • New Landmark POI's Added - Such as the Effiel Tower, Big Ben, Pyramids of Egypt etc
  • New PVP Zone! A Specially Secluded PVP Area Covering Multiple Extra Cities Out The Way of the Main PVE Area For Fun PVP Action Inbetween Bloodmoons
  • Approx 50 New POIs Added Available For Player Bases, For Those Who Don’t Like To Build a Base From Scratch
  • Old Central Player Spawn Point Removed. Replaced with 4 New Spawn Points. One in each Biome: Forest, Snow, Desert, Wasteland.
  • New Custom Made Donor City - Offering Secure Storage For Storing Precious Items for Donors
  • New Teleports For All Players To Each Spawn Point/Biome Area
  • New Races Available! 6 Races Have Been Implemented Across The Map Including Motorcross Track, Road track, and Flying Track with Race Timer Feature
  • Server Side Mods and Quality of Life Improvements To Enhance Gameplay (None Game-Changing)
  • Advanced Claim Blocks Feature
  • Server Side Mods and Improvements for Excelled Server Performance
  • New Features for Moderators To Improve Security & Reduce Bugs
  • More Commands - See Them In The Info Panel In-Game When Pressing Esc
  • Reduced Close-Proximity Traders to Promote Exploration To New Areas

Version 2 (Retired)

POI Count: 4,300

We worked as quickly as we could to tidy up the map from our starting version 1, removed the dumping grounds, and brought in roads along with increasing the POI count between the main cities.

Happy with the initial finished product we created a free-to-play server now known as CTVI Zombies.

Version 2 Map
Our (Now Retired) Version 2 Map

Version 1 (Retired)

POI Count: 4,000

Our Version 1 world map came from a desire to play a map that was a city expanse. To have lots and lots of POIs to raid. Unlike the standard generated map you just don't get cities close together so you spend ages traveling. The intention was to make lots of POIs and reduce the time wasted in-game.

Also, you cannot have every POI generated in-game. So we wanted to ensure that our map WOULD have every POI.
So... We started with version 1 of our map. We built several detailed cities, which I can tell you took several months to get a good amount of detail to them. Once we had a good amount of detail and a number of cities we started on some smaller towns. And once happy with the detail we decided we wanted to review every POI and placement.
To be frank this meant a dumping ground that we could go back to so the v1 instance became a bit of a mess while we worked through areas. We didn't add roads to save time so we could test, test, and test. Yes, lots of testing.
Once we were happy we released this to the general public to get feedback and see if this was something the community wanted. We'll the feedback was awesome and it clearly wasn't just us who wanted a map like this so it gave us the motivation to carry on.