How To Join Our 7 Days To Die Server

How To Join The CTVI Zombies Server

If you're on this page then you're probably new to our community, so first of all, a big welcome to you, and thanks for joining!
You're about to join our 7 Days to Die server which boasts one of the largest, if not 'the' largest POI-populated map and world.

Step One
To join us in the apocalypse, firstly, you will need to ensure that your 7 Days to Die game client is running on Alpha Version: 21.0 (Stable).
See our handy guide with screenshots below if you're not sure how to do this.

Step Two
And then, open up the game as normal. Click 'Join Game'.
In the server menu, you can either search for the server by typing "CTVI Zombies" and our server will pop up.
Or by pressing the "Connect to IP" button at the bottom of the screen, and manually typing in the IP and Port number below:

Server IP:
Port: 26900

Step Three
For the first time joining us, our map will automatically start downloading when you first try to join our server, so it may take longer than normal to first join (3 - 5 minutes avg.).
However, you will only need to do this once, so when you join again, it'll be much faster!

Start Playing, Surviving, and Thriving!

Do I Need Any Mods or Downloads To Play CTVI Zombies?

Nope! We don't require any downloads or for you to enable any mods to be able to play on our server. Simply connect, join and play!

All of our enhancements such as new and additional POIs/Prefabs, quality of life improvements, and extra game features and mechanics are all run server-side, meaning that the server does all the work for you, and you don't need to download any pesky mods.

How To Change Your 7 Days to Die Game Version

Open Steam on your PC, Go to "Library", find, and then Right Mouse Click on 7 Days to Die.
Then Click on "Properties" from the dropdown menu that appears.

You'll see a menu pop-up as pictured here. Now click on "BETAS".

Using the dropdown menu, find "alpha21.0 - Alpha 21.0 Stable" and select it.

Steam may complete a small download to get you set up on this game version. That's it - your game version is all set to join us!